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Choosing the right walking shoes

Walking shoes

If you want to make long walks during your summer break or want to participate in walking events, such as the Avon 39: Walk to End Breast Cancer, the London Marathon Walk or the International Four Day Marches in Nijmegen, The Netherlands? Then it is essential to have the right equipment and obviously walking shoes are an important part of your walking equipment.

But which walking shoes should you choose? There is a wide variety in walking shoes for men and women in various models, colours and in various price ranges, so which walking shoe should you choose? Please find below advice that should help you in choosing the right walking shoe for you.

Lightweight and breathable

Walking shoes should be lightweight, you do not want a heavy shoe on your feet, especially since you will cover considerable distances on various surfaces with these walking shoes. Furthermore, the shoe should also be breathable. If your feet get overheated, you run the risk of getting blisters and other injuries.

Walking Shoes – Absorb the shocks

In addition, it is also important that the walking shoe can absorb the “shocks” when walking. The absorbtion should be the greatest at the heel. The insole of the walking shoe is supposed to feel comfortable, it is the layer between the foot and the shoe. The insole also contributes to the absorbtion of shocks.


In various climates, it is almost impossible to escape rain while walking. You don’t want your feet to get wet, so a good walking shoe needs to be waterproof and protects you from rain and wet surfaces.

Replacing walking shoes

An average walking shoe will last between 500 and 1,000 kilometers (which equals approximately 300 and 600 miles). It is recommended to replace your walking shoes in time, for instance to prevent injuries.

Where to buy?

After choosing the best walking shoes, you should find the best place to purchase your shoes. Walking shoes are available in both offline and online sports stores or specialized outdoor stores, and knowledgeable staff is also able to give you the right advice for your feet and specific needs.

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