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Flip Belt – convenient running belt

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I am sure that this problem will sound familiar to every runner: you want to run, but where do you store the keys, smart phone, debit card and other things that you want to take with you? A useful tool for this is the Flip Belt.

Store your keys, phone and energy gels in your Flip Belt.

The Flip Belt is an elastic band with four openings, which you put around your waist and then you ‘flip’ the running belt. In the openings, you can store your belongings and there is a special opening for your keys, which you can snap with a little hook. If you’re a runner who runs long distances, then the Flip Belt is also a handy tool to store nutrition, such as energy gels and energy bars.

Tight against your body

When looking for a running belt, it is important that you pick a product that’s lightweight, not bulky, does not bounce and does not ride up.

This belt for running is made of highly elastic material and therefore the Flip Belt continues to sit tight against your body, without bouncing or riding up. Personally, it feels good that I know my precious items are stored safely and that you don’t have to worry about the items while running.


I did not discover a lot of disadvantages. Activating an app like Runkeeper takes perhaps a bit more time than using a band around your arm and when using the the Flip Belt, you canof course not look at the screen of your smartphone.

Flip Belt – also for other sports activities

The Flip Belt is obviously not only useful for running – activities, but can also be used in other sporting activities such as mountain biking and fitness.

Flip Belt Alternatives

Besides the Flip Belt, there are also other good running belt solutions available on the market. Other runners also have good experiences with the SPIbelt, Nathan belts and iFitness Ultimate Running Belt. All running belts, including the Flip Belt, you can find in online- and offline running gear shops.

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