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Reflective Running Gear – Safety First!

Reflective Running Shoes

It is obviously healthy to run, but it is also essential for your own safety to be visible during running and reflective running gear certainly helps in this area.

Reflective Bands

Reflective bands offer a 360 degree visibility and can be worn on arms, ankles and wrists. Besides wearing these bands on your body, it can also be worn on baby carriages, back packs, bike handles and much more.

This reflective running gear offers good visibility in low light conditions.

Shoe lace Led Safety Light

Shoelace led safety lights add a lot of safety to your run in the morning or evening and are easily attached to your shoe laces. These lights are water resistant and it is easy to activate and de-active. The battery lasts approximately 24 hours and is easy to replace.

Reflective Vests

Reflective Running vests are specifically designed for runners and are made of ultra light and flexible material, making sure that wearing a reflective vest is comfortable and allows a full range of motion. These vests have reflective patches and stripes and offer a 360 degree visibility up to a distance of 1,500 feet (approximately 457 meters).

Led Safety Lights

Another way to be visible to other road users is using led safety lights. These led lights are easy to attach on clothes or bags and ensures you are highly visible, up to a distance of 2,500 feet (approximately 762 meters). Most of these Led Safety Lights offer slow flashing and rapid flashing patterns, alternating modes or a steady glow and batteries usually last up to 100 or 150 hours.

High Visibility Knit Caps or Baseball Caps

If you want to stay safe during running, but at the same time stay warm as well then a high visibility knit cap or a high visibility baseball cap might be the best option for you!

These caps are usually bright fluorescent and have reflective silver thread for added visibility.

Reflective Stick Ons or Reflective Tape

If you do not feel like buying reflective bands, vests, (shoe lace) led safety lights or caps, but increase your visibility using your current running gear, then you could also put reflective stick ons or reflective tape on your running clothes and shoes. These tapes are usually self-adhesive and you can cut it to any length.

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