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Sports bra – essential for female runners

Sports Bra Female Runner

When running, wearing a sports bra is essential. Women who exercise without proper support run the risk of irreparable damage to the breast tissue and ligaments.

Wearing a sports bra can reduce the movement of the breasts by 75 percent while running, so a bra is an essential part of your running gear!

Maximum support

The bras for runners are designed in such a way that maximum support is given to the bust of the runner during the vertical and horizontal movements. The impact of the movements is limited by the sports bra, without restricting the freedom of movement.

Finding the right sports bra

To find the right bra, your search for the best sports bra deserves your full attention. What kind of model do you want? Do you want thick straps or rather the thinner version? Do you want a bra in a solid color or with a print?

A good sports bra for female runners completely covers the breasts. Normally no neckline should be visible and if there is visible breast tissue on the sides, the bra is quite probably too small. The garment itself should not show any wrinkles or dents. If that is the case, then it is very likely that the sports bra is too big for you. The straps of the bra should fit well over your shoulders, without giving too much pressure on the skin. There must, however, be a certain amount of pressure, since the straps should not slip off your shoulders while doing your runs.

Sport bras and Intensity

Which sports bra is best for you also depends on the intensity of your sports activities. If you do sports activities with a low intensity (for example yoga), you need lower compression and less thick material than medium intensity activities (eg Nordic walking) or high intensity activities, such as running.

Materials, colors and prints

Sports bras are available in various materials, various colors and with various trendy prints. Choose your favorite design or color and combine it with your running outfits!

Female runners need proper support during their exercises, it gives you more security, more fun during your runs and a sports bra will also affect your performance in a positive way.

Online and offline shops offer a wide range beautiful, stylish and high quality sports bras in various colors, materials and prints from well-known sports brands such as Adidas, Under Armor, Nike, Hanes, Björn Borg and Champion

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