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Benefits of running in cold weather

Winter Cold Weather

Some runners enjoy their runs during the cold winter months not as much as running during summer, but their opinion might change if they know that running in cold weather brings certain benefits.

Burning fat in cold weather

Various scientific studies have shown that when running in cold weather, the brown fat in your body is activated. Every person has white and brown fats in his or her body. The white fats can be considered as unwanted body fat, it is a storage for the unwanted calories. However, the brown fat is metabolic tissue that burns calories and produces heat.

Scientists from various parts of the world have shown through extensive research that in your brown fats are activated in cold weather circumstances and contribute to the burning of calories.

Tips running in cold weather

If you are going to run in cold weather, you have to be well prepared for the weather conditions. Wear the correct clothing and accessoires. Essential parts of your body, such as your hands and head, should be protected. Gloves, hats or beanies, winter jacket and running thighs should be part of your winter running gear. In addition, there is less daylight during the winter months, so if you are running in the dark, please wear lights or reflective running gear, ensuring that other road users can see you.

Warming up

Warming up is good, no matter what the weather conditions are, but if you are going to run in freezing circumstances, it is essential you warm up properly. Cold weather causes joint tissues to expand, which leads to movement restriction and that could give you sore muscles later during the day.

Stay hydrated

Avoid dehydration by taking water or a sports drink with you. No matter how low the temperature is, you will stil transpire. Winter air is much dryer than summer air and staying hydrated can also avoid breathing problems, so make sure you drink during your cold runs.

No personal records

In addition, do not expect personal records, because of the cold conditions it takes longer before you are warmed up and your muscles also feel a bit stiffer in cold weather.

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