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Running injuries: Callus and Blisters

Although running is an activity that is healthy and good for your body and weight, it could also cause physical discomfort for your feet..

In this article you will find information about calluses and blisters, one of the most common discomforts that runners may experience. In addition, in this article I will indicate what you can do about it.

The following tips and tricks are based on my own running experiences. I’m not a doctor, and if you think that your feet are seriously injured or you are not sure about what to do about it, then it is always best to consult a doctor.


Callus occurs in places on your foot where friction takes place or where there is a lot of pressure on your foot and this causes a tough, hard area of skin. In a certain way, callus is like a blister, but callus is drier and harder than a blister.

To get rid of calluses, it is best to take foot baths and to scrape the callus off with a pumice stone.


Prevention is always better than cure, so there are a couple of things you could do to prevent the appearance of blisters. For example, it is important to have good and comfortable running shoes. It is also better to use special running socks, because these socks have no seam on the inside, so no friction can be caused by a seam of the sock.

A blister arises because there is too much pressure or friction on a specific area of the foot. Your body sends moisture to the relevant place to protect the tissue below against the heat and friction.

The body is well able to heal the blister itself, but if the spot id in an uncomfortable place, where for instance friction cannot be prevented or if you do not have time to wait for the blister to heal,  then it is also possible to get rid of the blister(s) by popping it.  

Use an antiseptic and a sterile needle and if you punctured the blister, make sure that all the liquid is pushed out of your blister by slowly and gently pressing it.

(Source: own experience, HowStuffWorks)

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