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Rheinsteig – beautiful hiking trail in Germany

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The Rheinsteig is a beautiful hiking trail in Germany with a total length of 320 kilometers (199 miles), which is recommended for hikers who like challenging ascents and descents.

Rheinsteig – 20 stages

The Rheinsteig runs in 20 stages along the famous Rhine river, and connects the German cities of Bonn, the former capital of West Germany, and Wiesbaden. It is easy for walkers to follow this path, there are in total 900 Rheinsteig signs posted along the route with clear distance indication.

The stages of the Rheinsteig are situated in nature, so you’ll encounter along the way beautiful plants, flowers and trees. Fruit lovers will encounter wild raspberries or blueberries, delicious at lunch! In addition, a part of this German trail runs through vineyards, where the famous and tasty Rhine wine is made.

Smart bird watchers should bring their binoculars, because chances are that you will encounter beautiful birds, including the lark, buzzard and various woodpeckers. The binoculars also come in handy to enjoy magnificent views of the Rhine Valley.

Historic Rhine Region

The Rhine area is a region that is full of history. During the Middle Ages, there were many independent kingdoms in this area, which means you will see a lot of historic buildings and castles, some of these you can also visit and get a tour.

Additionally, during your walk on the Rheinsteig, you will also visit several villages along the Rhine, where it seems time has stood still for about 50 years.

Culinary Rhine Region

As a culinary enthusiast, you will also enjoy the beautiful Rheinsteig hiking trail. The Rhine region is known for its high quality wines such as the Riesling. You can also enjoy the local Rhine cuisine at a variety of restaurants along the Rheinsteig.

Moselsteig – Another beautiful trail in Germany

If you are interested in walking in Germany, then please check our Moselsteig hiking trail article, a beautiful and long hiking trail in the same part of Germany. The Moselle river is a tributary of the Rhine and the Moselle region is considered to be one of the most beautiful areas in Germany. The Moselsteig hiking trail is in total 227 miles (365 km) and connects the highlights of the breathtaking Moselle region.

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