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How to maintain your pool table

Pool Table

To play good games of pool and to extend the life of your pool table, it is essential to keep the table in a good condition and there are a couple of activities needed to do this.

If you do not clean the table on a regular basis and leave dirt and dust behind on the table, every time a ball rolls over it, it will push the residue deeper into the cloth, which will result in damage to your pool table. A well-maintained pool table should last at least 5 to 10 years.

Materials needed to maintain your pool table:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Squeegee
  • Feather duster
  • Table cover


Brush your pool table on a daily basis, so there is no residue on the table, otherwise the path of the ball could be table influenced by residues. Brush with your soft bristle brush in straight strokes.


Slide on a weekly basis with a squeegee made of felt over the cloth of the pool table. The squeegee will absorb the dirt because of the friction with the felt.

Vacuum cleaner

After using your brush and squeegee, grab your vacuum cleaner, put it on the lowest level possible (you do not want to destroy the pool cloth) and use a brush as suction piece. Vacuuming your pool table should also happen on a weekly basis.

Feather duster

A feather duster is an effective instrument to clean the wooden surfaces of your pool table.

Also don’t forget to clean the pockets, since these can collect dirt as well and could damage your pool balls.

Table cover

Use a cover when you are not using your pool table. This protects the cloth from fading because of sunlight and it keeps your table dust free.

Other tips

During a game, you should not chalk the tip of your cue close to the pool table cloth, to prevent it from affecting the cloth. Also do not drink or eat close to the pool table, accidents always happen and you do not want any food or drinks to end up on your pool table cloth.

It is also advisable to keep pets and small children away from the table.

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