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Choosing The Right Bowling Ball

Bowling Balls

People have been playing bowling for centuries and in ancient times, big stones were used as balls. Nowadays, this sport is still very popular all over the world and the bowling ball is often made of polyester, urethane, resin or a combination of these.

But what is the best ball for you? How do you pick the best one? Because choosing the right bowling ball and having a ball that meets your specific needs is essential to improve your performance and scores. A buyer should not focus on the various brands that you can find in shops, the way a ball feels and how it fits are much more important.

Weight of the bowling ball

One of the key factors in choosing the right bowling ball, is the weight of the ball. You should pick a ball that feels comfortable and is not too heavy to lift. Furthermore, it should be easy to throw the ball.

Most professional bowling players use a ball with a weight of 16 pounds. It is recommended that a male adult uses a bowling ball of 14 to 16 pounds, while a female adult should use a ball of 10 to 14 pounds.


Besides the weight of the ball, the composition is also important. Polyester or plastic balls are good for beginners and the price of such a bowling ball is not high. This ball works also well for people who throw the ball in a straight line and do not wish to change their style.

Urethane balls are for players with intermediate skills and work well if you throw a hook or have the ambition to throw a hook.

Resin bowling balls are the most expensive bowling balls, but at the same time, these balls are the best for advanced players. The resin balls pick up friction at the end of the bowling lane, which creates a better strike potential.

Holes of the bowling ball

A lot of bowling players will have the holes in the bowling ball drilled to have an optimal fit for their fingers, giving the player a better control of the ball. With a customized ball, you also can choose a right- and left-handed bowling ball. Pre-drilled balls work in general for either hand.


There are a wide variety of bowling ball brands, that produce balls for beginners to advanced players and for every budget. Some of the most popular brands on the market are Ebonite, Brunswick, Track and Storm.

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