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Buying Used Golf Balls Rating Guide

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Buying used golf balls can be quite a challenge, because used golf balls come in various quality levels. One of the best ways to buy golf balls, is using a popular grading system, which gives an indication of the condition the balls are in.

Please be aware that the grading of the used golf balls is done by people, so therefore it can happen that one seller will give the same ball a different rating than another seller; it is not an exact science.

Mint Grade Golf Balls

Mint grade golf balls look like they come fresh out of the package, they have a consistent color and a glossy shine, but when you take a closer look, then you might be able to see very small markings.  Some sellers call these balls so-called ‘One Hit Wonders’, since they only have been used for one hole (and then perhaps ended up in the water). Mint grade golf balls are the favorite option for many golf players.

AAA Golf Balls

One level below the Mint Grade Rating, you will find the AAA Golf Ball – rating. These balls are still very playable and a very good option for a round of golf. The AAA balls might have pen marks of minor scuffs, but that does not influence the distance or the flight path of the used golf ball.


AA Golf Balls are a good option for beginners or to use on practice greens or driving ranges. These balls look worn, have moderate surface blemishes, are discolored and quite likely will have scuffs.

A Golf Balls

The lowest level of the Used Golf Balls Rating is ‘A’. You should not play a course with an A-level golf ball, but only use it for practice.

Used Golf Balls in Shops and Online Shops

Used golf balls are available in both offline and online shops. It often pays to look around for the best price for golf balls. When you are shopping online for golf balls, then check the reviews of these used golf balls seller first.

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