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Wear a mouth guard playing field hockey

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It does not matter at what level you practice sport, it is important that this is done safely. Therefore protect your body and face in a good way. In some sports it is also essential to protect your teeth with a mouth guard and one of these sports is definitely field hockey.

Why protect your teeth with a mouth guard?

With almost every sport, you run the risk of an accident and that is no different with field hockey. With this sport you have the chance to get a hard ball or a hockey stick in your face. An accident with your teeth can lead to, for example, breaking off teeth or a tooth that is loose. A dentist must then perform a treatment, which usually leads to high costs. Incidentally, with such a dental treatment it is not always certain that the dental specialist is able to save your tooth or teeth. In many cases, such a treatment can be prevented by wearing a mouth guard while playing field hockey.

A visit to the dentist is no longer necessary

In the past, field hockey players had to go to the dentist to have a mouth guard made, but that has not been necessary since the introduction of new technologies. Nowadays you can buy a mouth guard at field hockey web shops and in stores that you can tailor yourself.

Field hockey mouthguard in warm water

To adjust such a mouth guard to the position of your teeth, it is necessary to place this mouth guard in warm water and then put it in your mouth. Then press the mouth guard into your mouth for about 30 seconds and press it with your fingers. Because the material of the mouthguard cools, it molds to your teeth and in this way, you have the necessary maximum protection of your mouth in field hockey.

Dental protection in other sports

It is of course not only important in field hockey to protect your teeth. Mouth guards can also be used for dental protection in hockey, basketball, rugby, karate, krav maga and boxing. In some cases, the sports association in question even requires the use of a mouth guard.

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