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The Bullpen Gospels – Baseball Book by Dirk Hayhurst

Bullpen Gospels Hayhurst

Major League Dreams of a Minor League Veteran

If you are a baseball fan or a baseball player with ambitions to make it in the Major League Baseball, then the book ‘The Bullpen Gospels’ by Dirk Hayhurst is absolutely a must!

This baseball book tells the adventures of Dirk Hayhurst, who was for many years a professional baseball player. He spent four seasons playing in the Minors. The book is written in a humorous, honest and fascinating way and also gives an insight in the family life of Dirk Hayhurst, including the battles between his alcoholic brother and his partially paralyzed father.

Dirk Hayhurst gives in The Bullpen Gospels an interesting insight in the not-so glamorous world of the minor leagues of baseball, it tells us about the financial worries, the mental health and loneliness of players, not seeing a future for themselves anymore in the MLB, the endless travels and hotel rooms.

Professional baseball players who have read the book say they can absolutely relate to the stories described in The Bullpen Gospels and it is for sure an enjoyable read for baseball fans.

Some people consider The Bullpen Gospels as the best baseball autobiography written since Jim Bouton’s Ball Four, but this book is not only for baseball fans, baseball provides the backdrop of the book, but the story is also about making sacrifices, relationships and life.

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Dirk Hayhurst

Dirk Hayhurst (officially: Dirk von Hayhurst) was born on 24th March 1981 in Canton (Ohio), United States. After years playing in the minor leagues of baseball, he played as pitcher in the Major League Baseball for the San Diego Padres (2008) and the Toronto Blue Jays (2009). After his professional playing career, he wrote four books about his life as baseball player. Besides The Bullpen Gospels, Hayhurst also wrote Out of My League: A Rookie’s Survival in the BigsWild Pitches and Bigger Than the Game: Restitching a Major League Life.

He is also active as professional broadcaster, baseball analyst and a contributor to ESPN, Sportsnet and TSN and a regular guest of various baseball related shows all around the United States of America.

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