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Best European Bike Routes


Some bike routes you need to see and cycle at least once in your life, Europe has really beautiful landscapes and sceneries that are definitely worth a visit.

It is impossible to list all great bike routes from all over Europe in one article, so please find below a selection of the best and most beautiful bike routes in Europe.

Jotunheimen – Norway

Jotunheimen, which means Home of the Giants in Norwegian, is an area in southern Norway which is approximately 3,500 square kilometres and has an impressive amount of mountains. The views from the top of these mountains are phenomenal and during your bike trip you are also able to see animals like elks and reindeers.

North Sea Route – United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway

The North Sea Bike Route follows the coast of the North Sea and will take you through the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Germany and the Scandinavian countries Denmark, Sweden and Norway. A lot of dedicated bike paths and small roads are part of the North Sea Route, which makes it a relatively easy bike tour.

Alped’Huez – France

This is a famous mountain in France, perhaps the most famous climb for cyclist, since it has been numerous times the place where professional in the Tour de France finish. This mountain bike route is not for everyone: it is a 1,120 meters vertical climb, with a gradient going from 7.7% to 12% over a distance of 14 kilometres, making 21 turns. Your reward is an impressive panorama on top of the Alped’Huez.

Moselradweg – France, Luxembourg and Germany

The Moselradweg is a famous bike route along the Moselleriver, which starts in France, crosses Luxembourg and ends in the German city of Koblenz.

This European bike route takes the cyclist through a beautiful wine region with a varied landscape and small, historic Moselle villages.

Lake District – United Kingdom

The Lake District in the United Kingdom is a picturesque area, which has easy bike routes as well as more challenging routes for the more experienced cyclist, which includes extensive mountain paths and the highest mountain in England.

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