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River Torrens Linear Park Trail Adelaide

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The River Torrens Linear Park Trail in Adelaide, Australia, takes the cyclist from the suburbs of West Beach to the beginnings of Morialta Gorge. The trail is ideal for families with kids, people of all ages, young and old, and for people of all fitness levels.

Popular trail for walkers, runners and cyclists

The Linear Park Trail follows for about 30 kilometers (approximately 18.7 miles) the River Torrens, from Athelstone to Adelaide, ending at the mouth of the river at West Beach and Henley Beach. The trail is very popular and is shared use, so besides cyclists, you will see here also walkers and runners. Children should be under supervision, since river banks are steep and not fenced.

The surface is completely paved, but there are some wooden bridges that may be slippery. Also please pay attention when you are passing under bridges, since some of the bridge arches are quite low. The terrain is generally flat, but it has steeper parts in the Athelstone area.

You can start the River Torrens Linear Park Trail at hundres of points along the route. For most part, you can follow the trail on both sides of the river and there are water fountains, toilets, picnic areas and playgrounds along the route. If you want to do more than ‘just’ cycling, then you’ll find exercise stations along the trail, so you can work out even more.

There is not really a best time of the year to enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the trail, it is a pleasure to cycle here all year round.

Bicycle hire Linear Park Trail

Do you want to enjoy the River Torrens Linear Park Trail, but you don’t have a bike? That’s not a problem at all! You can hire a bicycle from Linear Park Bicycle Hire, which is located in Elder Park by the Torrens Lake.

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