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Fatbikes – Go To Places Where Normal Bicycles Can’t Go


Fatbikes are bicycles that are specifically designed for riding on unstable, soft and variable terrain, such as sand, mud, rocks and snow. These fatbikes have wide rims and oversized tires and you can go with these trendy bicycles to places where normal bikes cannot go.

The fatbike has become increasingly popular over the past years and a lot of adventurous cyclists are very interested in the fatbike-action, which includes beach rides and winter expeditions.

Fatbike tires

The tires of a fatbike are without a doubt the most remarkable part of these bicycles. These tires are almost 5 inch wide and have a low air pressure, which on average is around 0.7 bar, but in some cases even less!
Due to the extremely low air pressure, you’re able to go with a fatbike on almost any surface, from flat roads to sandy, snowy or muddy, almost impassable, paths. The low air pressure and big wheels give your tires more friction with the ground, so the fatbike is not a high speed bicycle.

Where To Buy Fatbikes

The fatbike is a hype that comes from the states of Alaska and New Mexico in the United States of America, and that’s were these special bikes were first available at (specialized) bike shops. Meanwhile, leading fatbike brands such as Surly, Salsa and Kona made ​​the move to Europe and these bikes with big tires are now also available in European (specialized) bike stores.

Fatbike, the perfect bicycle for you?

So what kind of cyclist should look for a fatbike? For whom is it a perfect bicycle? If you are looking for a bike that can be universally used, is sturdy, stable, but still easy to manoeuvre and would like to go to places where other bikes cannot go, then the fatbike might be a good option for you! In addition, the fatbike is a bike that you can use during all seasons. You should then take for granted that the speed of this large-tire bike is lower than for instance the speed of a mountain bike or a road bike.

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