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Longboard skateboards

Longboard Skateboarding

A longboard is a skateboard variant, which measures in general 33 to 59 inches (84 centimeters to 1.5 metres) and is 9 or 10 inches wide (approx. 23 to 25 centimeters).

Longboard skateboards can have the same shape as a standard skateboard, but they are also available in different shapes, such as flat nose riders and bumtails.

The longboards are used for downhill, cruising, slalom and dancing.


Downhill is a way of longboarding, where speed is created by going down a hill or mountain. You can go down in various ways, such as standing on your board, lying with your back on the board or sitting on your longboard, which is called buttboarding.

Downhill is certainly not without risks, therefore you should protect yourself by wearing protective gear, such as wrist- and knee-protectors and a helmet. If you are planning to go downhill with your longboard skateboard regularly, and you are looking for a board, then you should consider a longer board for increased stability.


Cruising is a more relaxed version of longboarding. To pick up speed, you make a move with your foot. If you are planning to use your longboard in traffic or in crowds, then you might want to choose a smaller longboard, because with a smaller board it is easier to navigate.  


Dancing is the collective name of the various tricks you can do with your longboard.

Longboard Wheels

The diameter and the hardness of the wheels are the two major elements when choosing the wheels for your longboard. In general, you should choose smaller wheels for a smaller longboard and bigger wheels for a larger board.

The hardness of the wheels should be based on the weight of the rider. The heavier you are, the harder the wheels of your longboard should be.

Longboard Practice

If you are new to boarding, then the first thing you should do is practice and don’t try going down a hill right away! Make sure you first gain balance and control and learn how to gain speed, stop, carve and push.  

Longboard Safety

Pay attention to your safety and wear a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads.

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