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Interesting facts about the NFL

NFL National Football League

The NFL, National Football League, was founded in 1920 and consists of the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference, which hold sixteen teams each. In the NFL, you can find the best level of American football worldwide.

Interesting facts about the National Football League (NFL)

Annually, the NFL  generates approximately 9 billion US dollars in revenue.

The total play time in a football game in the NFL averages 11 minutes.

The average amount of NFL TV viewers is 290 million viewers per week.

Chicago Bears is the only team in the history of the NFL not to change its name or city.

Until 1960, football players did not have their names on their jerseys.

Dr. James Naismith is known as the inventor of basketball, but he was also the person introducing helmets to American football.

The NY Giants and Green Bay Packers are the only teams who won the Superbowl in three different decades.

The last NFL game without a score was played in 1943, when the Detroit Lions and NY Giants had a 0-0 draw.

The Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Saint Louis Rams, New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons all play their home games in domes.

Deion Sanders was a NFL player as well as a baseball player in the Major League Baseball. He is the only person who scored a touchdown as well as a homerun in one week. He is also the only player in the world who played in the World Series as well as the Superbowl.

In 1934, the shape of the football was changed to promote the passing game, making it longer and skinnier.

It takes the leather of 3,000 cows to supply the National Football League with the annual amount of footballs.

Approximately 80% of all Superbowl tickets go to corporate sponsors.

Around 90 million people go to the toilet during Superbowl’s halftime, flushin 180 million gallons of water.

78% of the NFL players are bankrupt within two years after finishing their professional football career.

Cheerleaders of NFL teams only make $50 to $75 per game and are not allowed to socialize with the professional football players.

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