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Super Bowl Food Consumption

Chicken Wings Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday is in the United States of America the second largest food consumption day in a year, Super Sunday is only surpassed by Thanksgiving.

Football is not a man’s game anymore, approximately 47% of the Super Bowl viewers is female. But what do all these women and men eat before, during and after this football highlight of the year?

145 million pounds of guacamole, which equals more or less 290 individual avocados, is devoured by sport fans on this day alone. The National Chicken Council expects that more than 1.4 billion chicken wings will be consumed during Super Sunday. But chicken wings is obviously not the only popular food on this Sunday. Pizza is also popular food during the Super Bowl final. The big pizza chains expect to sell more than 15 million pizzas, more than five times as much as on a normal Sunday.

Pizza and chicken wings are the most popular foods, but potato chips/nuts/pretzels are a close third. The overall food consumption on Super Bowl Sunday includes 3 million pounds of nuts, 5 million pounds of pretzels and more than 12 million pounds of potato chips.

More than 52 million cases of beer are sold in the days leading up to Super Sunday. Maybe not a big surprise that approximately 7% of the workforce in the United States of America call in sick the next day.

Super Bowl Food Consumption Spending

So what do Americans spend on the football food and drinks for Super Bowl Sunday? According to a research by The National Retail Federation, people will spend an average of almost $82 on food, decorations and apparel. Nielsen, the leading American information, data and measurement company, calculated that consumers spend in the following way their money:

  • $1.3 billion on beer & cider
  • $979 million on soft drinks
  • $597 million on wine
  • $503 million on spirits
  • $348 million on bottled water
  • $278 million on potato chips
  • $224 million on tortilla chips
  • $198 million on frozen pizza
  • $100 million on meat snacks
  • $86 million on popcorn
  • $81 million on deli salads

An additional $410 million is spent on deli food, cheese snacks, sandwiches, avocados, chicken wings and other food.

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