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Checkers – Rules, Sets and Playing Online


Checkers is a game that is being played by two players on an 8×8 grid board with 64 squares, 32 dark squares and 32 light squares. Each player has twelve colored small discs, which are usually black and red or white and the player places the discs on the dark squares closest to him or her.


The players are only allowed to move the discs forward over the dark squares, which mean that they always have to do a diagonal move and you can only move one square at a time.

If you jump over the piece of an opponent diagonally, then you capture it and take it off the checkers board. Is there an opportunity to jump? Then you must jump and if you are to do a multiple jump, then it is mandatory to complete this multiple jump. If you have multiple opportunities on the board to make a jump, then you can choose which jump you want to make.

If a checkers player reaches the last row (the row closest to the opponent), then that piece becomes king. One of the captured pieces is placed on top of that to make it obvious that is the king. Unlike normal checkers, a king can move forward and backward. Like the other pieces, a king can only move diagonally.

Players alternate moves and if one of the checkers players is not able to move anymore, because he or she is blocked or has no pieces anymore, loses the game. Just like chess, it is also possible to agree a draw.

Checkers Sets

Sets are available in both offline and online shops in various price ranges and made ​​from various materials. For example, there are checkers budget sets, which are made ​​of plastic checkers pieces and cardboard. A checkerboard and checkers made ​​of solid wood is obviously of a better quality, but is also more expensive.

Checkers sets usually start around $2 and can go up to $600 for designer checkers boards from Italy.

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Checkers Online

Various websites also offer the possibility to play checkers online. You will play then against a computer or another opponent. These websites usually also let you chat and gives you insight in your checkers achievements by showing all kinds of statistics.

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