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Buying a good crossbow


A crossbow is a weapon that can fire short arrows and it has become increasingly popular over the past years, although the history of the weapon goes back to at least 200 BC. Armies from old Greece, China and the Romans used crossbows.

Please be aware that a crossbow is a serious weapon and not a toy and children should absolutely not be close to this weapon.

What crossbow you should buy depends on what you want to use it for (e.g. hunting or recreational) and how much experience you have with shooting a crossbow.

There are various types of crossbows:

Recurve Crossbow

The Recurve bow is the basic crossbow and a good crossbow for beginners. You shoot the arrow by relaxing the bow, just like an old-fashioned longbow. The recurve crossbow is easier to handle and it is also a cheaper option than the other crossbows. This weapon does also not require a lot of maintenance. The recurve crossbow is not as accurate as other bows.

Compound Crossbow

Compound bows are crossbows where the arrow is powered by an arc with a pulley system. This bow is more powerful than the recurve bow and these weapons have a compacter design. However, compound crossbows are heavier and also more expensive than other bows.

Crossbow Pistols

Crossbow Pistols are crossbows in the shape of a gun and these weapons are good for a short distance.  

Buying the crossbow

Try the crossbow before you buy it. Ask the shop experts if you can test the crossbow and make sure it feels comfortable and fits the purpose you would like to use it for.

Do not pick a crossbow that’s too light, since it is more difficult to keep a light crossbow steady. However, a crossbow should also not be too heavy, because that is more difficult to handle.

Crossbows are available in various models and for every budget. Although there are models with a good price – quality ratio, it is not recommended to go for the cheapest option. Make sure you get a high quality crossbow without plastic parts, that’s not too loud, easy to work with and will last you a long time.

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