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Horse Grooming Tools

Horse Grooming

Grooming is an essential part of caring for your horse and it is recommended that you groom your horse on a daily basis to keep your horse healthy. Taking care of the animal on a regular basis prevents problems like bacterial infections and other skin problems. Besides the health advantages, grooming also improves the relationship between the horse and the handler.

There are various horse grooming tools available on the market:


One of the most important tools in a grooming kit is the curry cumb, which are often made of plastic or rubber. Most of the time, this horse tool is the first tool used during the daily grooming routine. The curry comb is used in a circular motion to remove loose hairs and the first layer of dirt. Curry combs works best on the well-muscled parts of the horse, such as the neck and shoulders.

Stiff Brush / Dandy Brush

The curry comb will remove the first layer of dirt, but a dandy brush or stiff brush should be used the remove the remaining dirt and dust from the horse’s coat. A medium brush will work for most animals and can be used over the whole body of the horse, although some might not like a stiff brush being used on the head. There are also face brushes on the market, which are small and soft and will give the face a gentle groom.

Mane and Tail Combs

Mane and Tail Combs are also important in a set of horse grooming tools. There are a wide variety of combs on the market for every budget. Combs are made of metal or plastic, but most handlers prefer the plastic model, because the metal ones will break the hair of the horse easier. Mane and tail combs will remove the knots from the hairs and will give the horse a nice and free-flowing mane and tail.

Hoof Pick

Hoofcare is essential for the health of your horse and a good way to keep the hooves of your horse healthy is using a hoof pick. The hoof pick is being used to clean the hooves of a horse and usually this horse grooming tool is made of metal and looks like hook.


Sponges can be used to remove stubborn dirt and spread shampoo over the horse. Small sponges are great for cleaning the lips, nose and eyes. Horse sponges are also useful for splashing water on your horse if the animal is sweaty after a ride.

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