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Carp fishing – Popular Sport Fishing All over the World

Carp Fishing

Carp fishing has become increasingly popular over the past years. In the United Kingdom, it is the fastest growing angling market, while the carp is more and more considered to be a worthy sport fish by Canadian anglers.

Carp, which belongs to the family of Cyprinidae, is a freshwater fish and can be found in big rivers and lakes all over the world, although they are native to Asia and Europe.

In rivers, these popular fish like to be out in deep pools where they can avoid the current and relax. In lakes, carp can usually be found in and around bays. In Europe, you also can find various managed carp waters but in the United States of America, there is only one state with managed carp waters, which is Lady Bird Lake in Texas.

These fish eat at any time of the day and are bottom feeders, they inhale their food with their mouth and the food is usually made up of worms, insects, mussels and crayfish. The carp can quickly get used to any kind of food, including fries, bread and popcorn that people throw in the water to feed the birds.

Carp Fishing Tips

You should have good quality fishing equipment to go carp fishing. The longer your rod, the easier it is to catch a big fish. It is preferred to have medium action rods of 6’ long.

Fish carp with a loose drag, these fish are usually fished with less drag resistance. Use at least a good quality 8 – 12 lb line, but use a stronger line in weedy waters, since that gives you better control of the carp.

Most carp fishermen use size 2 to 6 fishing hooks. After hooking a carp, this big and powerful fish will put up a big fight. Make sure to keep constant pressure on the carp.

Carp Bait

As mentioned before, the carp eats a wide variety of food, so this fish will adapt to a large variety of bait, including canned corn, worms and bread dough. In Europe, so-called boilies are popular. This carp bait is made of milk proteins, eggs and artificial flavors and then boiled in water.

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