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Working out with a rowing machine

Rowing Machine

Are you looking for a fun and effective way to improve your fitness, quickly burn calories, lose weight and train your muscles? Then you should absolutely consider buying a rowing machine, since this fitness machine gives you an all-in-one training.

A rowing machine gives you a total body workout, because training with a rowing machine covers various muscle areas, such as abs, arms, legs and back.

When buying a rowing machine, make sure you buy a good quality rowing machine, the heavier the better. During your work out a lot of forces are working on the equipment and you do not want the rowing machine to slide or glide while training your muscles. Therefore, make sure you have a high quality and stable machine.

There are various types of rowing machines, for instance with air resistance, hydraulic resistance, magnet resistance and water resistance.

No matter what your budget or preference is, ask the seller to try the rowing machine first and find out which type of rowing equipment is the best for you.

Air Resistance Rowing Machine

A rowing machine with air resistance has a flywheel with a fan blade, which starts to move when someone pulls the rower handle. The faster you row, the more resistance you will get from the flywheel.

Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine

This kind of fitness equipment has hydraulic cylinders and by changing the position of the cylinders you can adjust the resistance. This type of rowing machine is generally the cheapest option, but replacing the cylinders is quite expensive.

Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

Electromagnets determine how much resistance you will get during your work out. The closer the magnet is positioned to the wheel, the more resistance you will get.

Water Resistance

Some people say that a rowing machine with water resistance offers the most realistic rowing experience. This kind of equipment uses a drum, which is filled with water in which a blade is placed. The more water you put in the drum, the more resistance you will get.

Extra features

Some machines also offer extra features, such as heart rate monitors and memory functions, which can be really useful to monitor your fitness level and progress.

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