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Improved detection methods uncover hundreds of new doping cases

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Due to improved detection methods, doping test laboratories in Cologne (Germany) and Moscow (Russia) have uncovered in recent months hundreds of new doping cases, the Germany broadcasting station ARD reports.

These doping laboratories have developed new procedures, which enables them to retroactively identify the use of anabolic doping. A shocking high amount of samples that first tested negative, now tested positive.

Window of detection

One of the big improvements of these new doping detection methods is that the window of detection is now a lot longer than before, up to six months and more. With the conventional methods, the time for the laboratories to detect the forbidden substances was significantly shorter.

Because of the new doping detection methods, the labs in Cologne and Moscow found now in more than 100 samples the substance Stanozolol or Oral-Turinabol.

Olympic Samples Retested

The chief of the medical commission of the International Olympic Committee was surprised when he found out about the report of the German TV-station, but indicated that he would support retesting the frozen doping samples from the recent Olympic Games. There is a limitation period of 8 years, but that would mean that the doping samples of the Winter Olympics of 2006, the Beijing 2008 Olympics, 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver and the London 2012 Games still could be tested again using the new methods and procedures.

The next Olympic Games, the 2014 Winter Olympics, take place from 7 February to 23 February 2014 in Sochi, Russia.

New WADA Doping Code

Recently, the World Anti-Doping Agency WADA ratified a new doping code that will come into force in 2015, which means that the punishments for doping punishments will be a lot tougher. Doping offenders receive a suspension for four years. This new WADA code is doping guideline for hundreds of organizations, including sports associations and governmental institutions. The Anti-Doping Agency also announced they would use more investigation- and interrogation methods.

Impressive amount of doping cases

Over the past years, there have been an impressive amount of doping cases, the Lance Armstrong-case being the most famous example. But also various Olympians tested positive during out-of-competition events and even during the Games.  


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