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The Richest People in Sports Industry

Athletes in various sports make a lot of money each season, but they are certainly not the richest people in the sports industry, because that are the owners of the clubs.

This article lists the richest people in the sports industry:

Paul Allen

Seattle-born Paul Allen is an investor, business magnate, philanthropist, but probably best known as co-founder of Microsoft. According to Forbes Magazine, Allen is one of the richest people in the world with an estimated wealth of $ 18 billion. He owns various sport teams: Seattle Sounders (MLS), the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL and the Portland Trailblazers in the NBA.

Stan Kroenke

Entrepreneur Stan Kroenke is the owner of Kroenke Sports Enterprises and according to Forbes Magazine, Kroenke is worth around 4.1 billion US dollars. He is owner of the Denver Nuggets (NBA), Colorado Rapids (MLS), Colorado Avalanche (NHL) and Colorado Mammoth in the National Lacrosse League. Stan Kroenke is also majority owner (around 63%) of English Premier League club Arsenal.

Furthermore, Columbia (Missouri)-born Stan Kroenke is also owner of the Pepsi Center Arena in Denver (home of the Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche) and part owner of Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, which is also the home ground of the Major League Soccer – club Colorado Rapids.

Malcolm Glazer

Malcolm Glazer from Rochester, New York (USA) is the CEO and President of First Allied Corporation, a holding for his business investments in real estate, oil and gas, health care, banking and food industry. Glazer’s net worth is according to Forbes around $4 billion and he owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFL and English soccer giants Manchester United.

Bernie Ecclestone

British businessman Bernie Ecclestone is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Formula One Management and Formula One Administration and he is considered the most influential and most important person in the F1 racing industry. He was until 2011 also majority shareholder of English soccer club Queens Park Rangers, but he sold his shares to Tony Fernandes, who is also an owner of a Formula One team.

Daryl Katz

Daryl Katz (photo) from Edmonton in Canada is the CEO and chairman of The Katz Group of Companies, which includes among others Super Drug Mart, Dell Pharmacies, ClaimSecure and Pharma Plus. According to Forbes, the net worth of Daryl Katz is 3.3 billion US dollars and he is the owner of the Edmonton Oilers, a NHL team that is based in Canada.

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