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Working In The Sports Industry


Are you passionate about sports, but you don’t have the skills to be a professional basketball player in the NBA or make it to the Olympics? Then working in the sports industrymight be something for you!

However, finding a job in sports can be a big challenge, since a lot of people are interested in working in the sports industry, while there are only a limited amount of opportunities. The sports industry might be one of the toughest industries to break into.

Sport Jobs Internships

When organizations in the sport industry are recruiting people, there are especially focusing on the internships you did with sport teams or other sport organizations. So it is extremely important to do various sport industry internships while you are in college and get the most out of them. Some people consider internships one of the best ways to break into this competitive industry.

Sport Volunteer

Volunteering your services is another good way to break into the world of sports. Teams always can use people who can help in ticket sales, security, marketing and game management. As a volunteer you gain a lot of experience and by doing a great job, you could get a letter of recommendation or a reference, which can be useful to land at a later moment a job in the sports industry.

Sport Jobs Networking

Just like with any other job, networking is essential to get a good job. Make sure to stay in touch and/or build friendships with the people you meet during internships, volunteer jobs, entry-level jobs etcetera.

Sport Job Fairs

Another way to increase your amount of contacts in the sport industry is visiting sport job fairs, such as the MLB Job Fairs.

Contact Sport Business Professionals

Contact people who have a job that you would like to have someday. Most sports business professionals are willing to help and give advice to young people who want to get a foot in the door in sports.

Sport Job Boards

There are also various online sport job boards that can help you in your search for work in the world of sports, such as JobInSports.com, WomenSportsJobs.com and WorkInSports.com.

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