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Ajax versus Feyenoord – Dutch Rivalry Facts and Figures

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The soccer matches between Ajax Amsterdam and Feyenoord Rotterdam are in Holland known as De Klassieker. The derby is full of rivalry and considered to be the most important matches during the soccer season in The Netherlands. The English sports magazine World Soccer ranked Ajax vs Feyenoord fifth in their ranking of 50 Greatest Derbies.

First match Feyenoord vs Ajax

The first match between Feyenoord and Ajax took place in Rotterdam on 9th October 1921 and the Amsterdam-based club won this match (3-2). However, after the game, Feyenoord filed a protest against one of the goals and that got awarded by the Dutch soccer association, so the official result is 2-2.

Biggest victories

Ajax’ biggest victories against Feyenoord were 7-1 (1933), 6-0 (1975 and 1999) and 8-2 (1983). In addition, Ajax won several editions of De Klassieker with 5 goals difference. Feyenoord’s finest moments against Ajax Amsterdam were played in 1956 (7-3), 1960 (1-6 and 9-5), 1964 (9-4) and 1970 (4-0). The 9-5 victory on 28th August 1960 is with fourteen goals also the derby with the most goals scored.

The highest amount of fans visiting the derby between Feyenoord and Ajax was 65,562 on 9th January 1966 in Feyenoord’s stadium De Kuip. The final result of this match was by the way 1-1.

Ajax and Feyenoord Topscorers

So far, 15 players have scored a hattrick (3 goals in 1 game) during a match between the team from Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Ajax’ top scorer of all time Piet van Reenen was the first to achieve this, and former Feyenoord-player John Guidetti is until now the last player to score three goals during De Klassieker.

Hans Venneker scored five goals against Ajax for Feyenoord in 1960, while Piet Oudendijk (Ajax – 1933), Daan den Bleijker (Feyenoord – 1956), Henk Schouten (Feyenoord – 1960) and Ruud Geels (Ajax – 1975) scored four goals during this famous Dutch derby.

Sjaak Swart, Mister Ajax, is the top scorer of all time in the Ajax vs Feyenoord soccer matches with 14 goals. Cor van der Gijp scored 12 goals on behalf of Feyenoord between 1955 and 1964 during the clash between the Amsterdam and Rotterdam rivals.

(Source: Eredivisievoetbal.com)

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