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Goal line technology GoalControl at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil

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The world soccer federation FIFA announced on 10 October 2013 that the referees at the World Cup 2014 will be supported by the goal line technology GoalControl 4D.

Goal Line Technology Pilot

The announcement is a logical next step after successful implementation of goal line technology at the Confederations Cup 2013 in Brazil. This pilot went well and the referees at the event were enthusiastic about the goal line technology.

GLT during World Cup 2014

After the positive feedback, the FIFA organization decided to use the goal line technology (GLT) during the 2014 World Cup. GLT will also be used during the World Cup for club teams in Morocco.

The goal line technology of GoalControl GLT GmbH from Germany uses 14 high speed cameras, that are positioned around the soccer pitch. As soon as the ball passes the goal line, the referee will receive a vibrating and visual signal on a special watch. Match officials will also test the system before the start of each game, to make sure the goal line technology is working during the match.

GoalControl was not the only system that was tested . FIFA also looked at the alternative goal decision systems GoalRef, HawkEye and Cairos , but the world soccer federation eventually preferred GoalControl.

The Premier League from England and the Eredivisie league from The Netherlands also started to use goal line technology. The soccer federations FA and KNVB are using the HawkEye-system for their matches.

Sepp Blatter, Michel Platini and Goal Line Technology

Sepp Blatter, President of the FIFA, had been opposed to GLT until 2010, when a goal of Frank Lampard during the world cup match between England and Germany was disallowed, while the ball clearly had passed the goal line. Instead of taking the lead, England lost eventually the match against the Germans. The disallowed goal led to much indignation and discussions among players, coaches, officials and football fans.

Michel Platini, President of Europe’s soccer federation UEFA, is still against the use of goal decision systems, which means that it will not be used during the Champions League or any other European competition. Instead, they are using additional referees who are standing next to the goal.

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