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Guide to Buying Soccer Bags

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As a soccer player, it is necessary to have a good soccer bag. Whether you have to train or play a match, have a match indoors or are active outside on the pitch, you need space for your soccer clothes, shoes, shin guards, towel, shower supplies and more.

But what should you look for when buying a soccer bag? Part of that is personal preference – what suits your style? Based on years of experience, we can at least give you the following tips:

Size of the soccer bag

How much gear are you taking with you to training or game? Do you take a small amount of soccer equipment with you or do you take the team apparel home each time? Choose a bag that fits the amount of items you need.

Type of bag

There are different types of soccer bags, ranging from small backpacks to large trolley bags. Choose the type of bag, based on your personal preference and utilization scenario.

Shoe compartment

A soccer bag with a separate shoe compartment is useful for keeping dirty shoes separate from other gear, especially if you played a practice or game on a wet and muddy pitch. Make sure the compartment is large enough and look for any side pockets for added functionality. In these side pockets you can store your shampoo bottle or wet towel, among other things.


Consider the material of the bag. Nylon and polyester are durable, lightweight and dry quickly.

Soccer bags are more than accessories

A good soccer bag is more than just a practical accessory; it is an essential part of your soccer equipment. No matter which bag you choose, the right soccer bag makes a difference. Properly explore what options are available to you; there is an extensive selection available both offline and online.

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