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Shimizu S-Pulse – Colorful Team In Japanese J-League

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Shimizu S-Pulse is a famous soccer club from Japan, which comes from the district Shimizu in Shizuoka, which is currently competing in the Japanese J-League, the highest level of soccer in the Asian country. Shimizu S-Pulse belongs to a group of only four teams that competed in the J-League since it started in 1993.

History Shimizu S-Pulse

Shimizu S-Pulse was founded in 1991 as Shimizu FC, but the name was changed only a few months later into the current name. S-Pulse was the only team that was not a company team;it was founded by soccer fans, which were supported by the citizens from Shizuoka, various businesses and a local TV-station.

The ‘S’ in S-Pulse refers to Shimizu, Shizuoka and Soccer, while the word ‘Pulse’ was chosen because of the team spirit and the excitement the game brings to fans.

Since the start of Shimizu S-Pulse, the team made quite a big impact on Japanese soccer and won various prizes, such as J-League Cup in 1996, the Asian Cup Winners Cup in 2000, Japanese Super Cup in 2001 and 2002, and the Emperors Cup in 2002.

Colorful Shimizu S-Pulse

The team plays in a bright orange outfit and the color of the outfit is called ‘S-Pulse Orange’. This color was chosen, because the Shizuoka area is one of the biggest mandarin-producing areas in Japan. Furthermore, the remarkable color symbolizes progress, youth and hope.

The outfit is not the only colorful element of Shimizu S-Pulse: the fans of the Shizuoka-based team are in Japan known to be colorful and very noisy and loyal to the club. They follow Shimizu S-Pulse around the country, which sometimes means they have to travel hundreds of miles to away games.

Shimizu S-Pulse Stadiums

The home ground of Shimizu S-Pulse is the Nihondaira Sports Stadium, which has a capacity of 20,339 fans and is located in Shimizu. However, for high-profile games such as the rivalry-game against Jubilo Iwata, S-Pulse moves to the Shizuoka Ecopa Stadium. This stadium, which was built for the World Cup Soccer in 2002, has a larger capacity (51,349 people).

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