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Funny football quotes

Football players and managers spend a lot of time during a season in front of a microphone, answering questions from journalists. Generally these interviews go...


Super Bowl Food Consumption

Super Bowl Sunday is in the United States of America the second largest food consumption day in a year, Super Sunday is only surpassed by Thanksgiving...


NFL and Fortnite

The NFL (National Football League) has started a collaboration with Epic Games, the creator of the video game Fortnite. Fortnite Fortnite is a third-person...


Super Bowl 2018 in Minneapolis

The NFL Super Bowl final in 2018 will take place in Minneapolis in the American state of Minnesota. The game will take place in the $1 billion new stadium of...


Football On Thanksgiving Day

Playing football on all kinds of levels on Thanksgiving Day, from school and college to NFL, is one of the famous traditions in the United States of America...


Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is a big day in the United States. Sometimes referred to as Super Sunday, it is the day that the championship final in the National Football...

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