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What are the best tennis shoes?

Tennis Shoes

Before you start to investigate what the best tennis shoes for you are, it is important to know for what type of court you will need the tennis shoes.

Unlike a lot of other sports, tennis is being played on various surfaces, such as grass, clay and hard court; all require a different kind of tennis shoe. There are however, tennis shoes that could be used on all of the courts.

During a game of tennis, you make a wide variety of movements, such as jumping, sliding and sprinting. Therefore, good tennis shoes are extremely important and will prevent injuries. When choosing tennis shoes, please pay attention to the following points:


A tennis shoe needs to be flexible, but also not too flexible. Shoes that are too rigid can cause problems with your toes, ankles and knees, while too flexible shoes can cause instep-problems.

Shock Absorption

The size and hardness of the midsole of your tennis shoes determines the shock absorption capacity, which is extremely important during a game of tennis. Since you jump around, make smashes etc, your midsole has to absorb a lot of shocks. Especially when you are playing a lot on hard courts and carpet, it is important to have a midsole with a good absorption capacity.


Choose tennis shoes that are comfortable on your feet. Make sure the shoes are not too tight and that there is still room for your toes. A fitting tennis shoe prevents injuries, such as blisters and blue toenails.


On what kind of court(s) do you play? Grass, carpet, gravel? Does the court give a lot of traction? Selecting the right sole for the right surface is extremely important.

If you play a lot on indoor carpet, you should pick a sole without profile. Gravel requires a tennis shoe with a sole with a bit more profile, such as a fishbone profile, while hard-court and grass require soles with studs.

Choosing the best tennis shoe

Sport shops offer a wide variety in tennis shoes in different colors, shapes, sizes and brands. Choosing the best shoe is obviously also a matter of personal taste. Try your tennis shoes before purchasing, make sure they fit well and feel comfortable right away and if you are not sure, ask one of the experts of the sport shop you’re visiting.

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