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Kayaking and Kayak Fishing – Tips and Advice


Kayaking and Kayak fishing has become more popular during recent years, mainly due to its low cost of entry and low maintenance costs. Kayaks are also very versatile, so you can fish at almost every spot.

But what are the do’s and don’ts of these enjoyable sports? In this kayaking and kayak fishing article you will find some useful tips.

Basic Kayak Lessons

If you are not very experienced with a kayak, take basic lessons to get the right knowledge and skills to handle your kayak and prevent injuries. If you are a beginner and you do not paddle that often, then do not paddle alone.

Buying A Kayak

If you would like to purchase a kayak, then first browse online and offline shops and talk to experts and don’t just look at the best price. Since there are various models and sizes available, it is important what you want to use the kayak for. Ask the seller if you can try the kayak before buying it.

For visibility- and safety-reasons, it is recommended to buy a kayak that is bright in color and stands out easily from the water surrounding it.

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Paddles, Clothing and Lifejackets

Paddles are available in various models, weights and for every budget. Buy a paddle that you can afford, but if possible, buy a paddle of lighter weight material, because those paddles will make your kayak trip more enjoyable.

You should wear the appropriate clothing and make sure you will not be cold. Due to the chill factor and getting wet, it could get colder than the normal day’s temperature. You could also take extra clothes with you in a dry bag.

Lifejackets or personal floatation devices (PFD) are an important part of the kayak-equipment. A lifejacket has more buoyancy, but is not as comfortable as a personal floating device.

Be Prepared

Wear sunscreen while paddling to protect yourself, you can get burned within an hour. Also take notice of the weather-, fog- and wind – forecast before you leave. A lot of wind could mean rough water, which is a risk for overturning.

Make sure that you know what kind of water you are going to paddle in. Are there any dangers, such as sharks, crocodiles or fallen trees?

Be prepared for an emergency, so take a cell phone, signaling devices such as flares, a whistle and flashlight with you. Use a bag to protect your cell phone from the water. It is also recommended to take a first aid-kit with you.

If something goes wrong, then don’t panic and stay with your kayak, even if you are not able to board it again.

Although there are safety precautions to be followed, kayaking and kayak fishing are really great sports and will give you an enjoyable experience!

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