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Malta – Scuba Diving in the Mediterranean Sea

Malta Sunset

Malta is a country in southern Europe in the Mediterranean Sea, located 50 miles (approximately 80 kilometers) south of the Italian island of Sicily. It is an archipelago with three islands that are inhabited: Malta, Comino, which is famous for its Blue Lagoon, and Gozo.

The Maltese archipelago is a great destination for water sports, especially for the scuba diving enthusiasts among us.

Malta Diving Experiences

The islands offer interesting diving experiences with reefs, wrecks and caves, while the water is calm and very clear. The waters of Malta belong to the most transparent waters of the Mediterranean Sea, which gives scuba divers an excellent visibility. There is also a low risk of encountering dangerous sea creatures, which makes Malta a great destination for scuba dive lovers who are just starting.

The temperature of the water varies from around 23 degrees Celsius (73 degrees Fahrenheit) during the summer period to 14 degrees Celsius (57 degrees Fahrenheit) during winter. The depths of the waters vary, going from 12 meters to approximately 50 meters.

Malta offers scuba divers a brightly-colored and varied marine flora and fauna. Corals can be seen found on reefs and caves, while many species of fish can be seen while scuba diving in the Maltese waters of the Mediterranean Sea: sea bass, red mullets, parrot fish, squid, flying fish, amberjacks and many more.

During the winter period, you also have a chance to see dolphins and tunas, since they come during that time of the year closer to the shore.

Malta Diving Centers

If you would like to scuba dive in the Maltese waters, then you need to register yourself at a diving center first. Malta offers a great choice of diving centers, which are located across the three islands. These diving centers also offer various courses for first timers, beginners and novice scuba divers.

Please be aware that in some areas of the Maltese waters you are not allowed to scuba dive to protect the archaeological underwater heritage. These areas will be pointed out to you by your diving instructor or when you receive your scuba diving permit.

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