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Scuba diving in California

Monterey Bay Coral Reef

California has a coast line of 1,264 miles and this American state has a lot of great scuba diving spots that are varied and spectacular. The coast offers impressive sights to divers, includingfantastic kelp forests, coral reefs, sea lions and the famous great white sharks.

Weather, temperature and visibility

California has a good climate for scuba diving, during most months of the year it is relatively warm and sunny. During winter, temperatures in the northern part of this US state can drop to 40 degrees Fahrenheit, during summers in North California, the temperature reaches 80-90 degrees. The temperature in Southern California is in general between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

The water temperature in Central and Northern California is usually between 47 and 60 degrees, while the water in the south is warmer with temperatures between 50 and 75 Fahrenheit.

The visibility in California depends very much on the specific diving spot, but in general the visibility is between 25 and 75 feet.

Best Californian scuba diving spots

What are the best scuba diving spots in California? What are recommend spots by other scuba divers?

Naples Reef, Long Beach

Would you like to see lobsters, sea lions, yellow tail and thick kelp forests? Then the Naples Reef protected underwater park is a great diving spot for you! It is also the home of various endangered animals, such as the steelhead trout and white-tailed kite.

Catalina Island

Many scuba divers consider Catalina Island as one of the best spots to dive in Southern California. Crystal clear waters, interesting ship wrecks, beautiful kelp and a wide variety of marine life, including flying fish, black sea bass, angel sharks and sea lions make Cataline Island a popular destination for scuba divers.

Monterey Bay

Monterey Bay offers thick fish-filled kelp forests with beautiful sea creatures like sea lions, otters, octopus and if you are lucky, whales. Popular diving sites are Breakwater Cove (popular spot for diving classes) and Breakwater Cove, the latter is a fantastic spot for underwater photography.


The Farallones, also known as The Farallon Islands, are located off the San Francisco coast and if you are a fan of whales, then this is a must-go scuba diving destination! During summer and fall, you will be able to see gray, blue, humpback and killer whales. Other sea creatures that you can see in this area include sea lions, seals and the great white shark. These sharks pass the Farallones as part of their migration pattern.

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