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Sjinkie Knegt – The Bolt from Bantega

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Sjinkie Knegt is a short tracker from The Netherlands who has won various medals at Dutch, European and World Championships and also claimed a Olympic medal.

His favorite distances are 1000 and 1500 meters. Knegt is also part of the Dutch relay team. Knegt is known for spectacular overtaking and his so-called telescope leg.


The short tracker was born on 5th July 1989 in the small village of Bantega. Sjinkie is not a common name in The Netherlands, the sportsman was named after his uncle Ching Ting, who died at the age of 18 years in a motorbike accident.

At the age of 11, Sjinkie Knegt was discovered by Kosta Poltavets and on a national and international level, the Dutchman was succesful during various championships. He debuted on a senior level in 2009 at the European Championships in Turin (Italy) and won silver as part of the relay team.

Sjinkie Knegt successful years

Successful years followed, he was the first Dutch short tracker to win a silver medal (1000 meters) during a World Cup. Sjinkie Knegt was also part of the relay team that won the first gold medal for The Netherlands at the European Championships and World Championships. Over the years, many gold, silver and bronze medals followed at national and international championships.

Sjinkie Knegt controversy

In 2014, Knegt caused some controversy during the European Championships in Dresden (Germany). Initially, he finished third overall, but the jury of this tournament disqualified the Dutchman after a kicking move and showing both his middle fingers at Victor Ahn of Russia, who beat him twice during this Euro-tournament. Knegt could not hide his upset and while Ahn raised two hands and both index fingers, as part of a number one- celebration, Knegt also raised his hands, but showing other fingers..

During that Olympic season, Sjinkie Knegt took later revenge by winning the bronze medal at the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi (first Dutch short track medal in history) and being part of the golden relay team at the 2014 World Championships in Montreal, Canada.

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