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Buying ski clothes advice


Are you looking forward to your ski holiday, but you did not buy any ski clothes yet? Before heading to the (online) shops, please follow below ski clothing advice.

Ski clothes: Functionality vs Fashion

Of course you want to look good when you are going down the slopes, but don’t let the fashion trends be the dominant factor in your decision making process. Your outfit should be comfortable and functional. While skiing, your ski clothing should allow you to move freely. And yes, tight clothing might accentuate your sporting body better than baggy ski clothing, but you may not be able to move optimally in those tight clothes. Therefore, let functionality have a higher priority when purchasing ski clothing than the current fashion trends.

Safety first!

Ski Goggles

Make sure you are well protected when skiing. Wear ski goggles to protect yourself against snow blindness and the goggles also allow you to see bumps on the ski slope. In our articles Ski Goggles – A Buying Guide and The Best Budget Ski Goggles, you will find more information about this important part of your ski outfit.

Ski helmet

More and more skiers and snowboarders are wearing a helmet and that is with a good reason: when you are going down a ski slope, then you move with an average speed of 35 kilometers per hour (approx 22 miles per hour). With that speed, hitting an object could have a major impact and cause concussions, broken bones or even worse. Make sure your head is also well protected when you are skiing! Read our Ski Helmet article for more information.

Ski gloves

Ski gloves are an essential part of your ski clothes, because without glove, you will not last a long time in the mountains. The gloves or mittens keep your hands warm and please make sure your purchase ski gloves that are waterproof, because you do not want your hands to get wet while you are going down the slopes.

Thermal underwear

It is a good idea to wear thermal underwear during your ski holiday. It feels comfortable and abov all, it keeps you warm! Thermal underwear of synthetic material is a better option than cotton, because it sweeps away in a better and more efficient way.

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