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How To Wax Your Skis, Step by Step


Why spending money on shops waxing your skis, while you can do it yourself? When you wax for yourself, you can spend as much time on it as you want and do the best job possible.

There are a couple of easy steps you will have to follow to wax your own skis.

Materials needed to wax your own skis:

  • Base Cleaner
  • Paper towel
  • Universal Wax
  • Iron
  • Plastic scraper
  • Brush

Step 1 – Base Cleaner

You will first have to clean the bases. You do this with a solvent that you can buy at a ski shop called Base Cleaner. Put the cleaner on a paper towel and move the towel over your skis until they are clean.

Step 2 – Wax on your ski

After cleaning your skis with a base cleaner, you should apply the wax. It is recommended to use universal wax as the primary wax, because it has a wide range of temperature applications. 

You can apply the wax with a specialized wax iron, but you can also use a normal iron for it, just be aware that you cannot use this iron anymore afterwards for ironing clothes. Put the wax against the hot iron and drip it on your skis.

Step 3 – Iron the wax in

Melt the wax with your iron and move it up and down the base in a quick constant motion. Just make sure not to keep the iron in one place, because that could burn your ski. A little bit of smoke is still OK, but avoid burning the wax.

Step 4 – Scrape wax off

Let the skis cool down for at least 25 minutes, before scraping the wax of. Use a large plastic scraper to scrape excess wax off, but do not do this in a too aggressive way. Please avoid using a metal scraper, since this will damage your ski. Scrape from tip to tail until there is very little wax coming off your ski.

Step 5 – Brushing your ski

The final step is brushing your ski, making sure that all the excess wax is gone and there is some structure to the wax.

After the above steps, you’re good to go! Have fun skiing!

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