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Wearing a Ski Helmet: With a Good Reason

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More and more skiers and snowboarders are wearing a helmet and that is with a good reason:  when you are going down a slope, then you move with an average speed of 35 kilometers per hour (approx 22 miles per hour). With that speed, hitting an object could have a major impact and cause concussions, contusions, broken bones or even worse.

Use of ski helmets boomed

A long time ago, helmets were considered to be un-cool, but that time is long gone. During the last decade, the use of helmets among snowboarders and skiers boomed. Recent studies show that about two-thirds of the skiers in the United States protect their head with a helmet, while the percentage in the European ski countries Switzerland and Austria is around 75 percent.

In some areas in Canada and the United States it is mandatory to wear helmets, while ski helmets are often compulsory for kids in European ski resorts.

Reduce the risk

Other studies show that that wearing a ski helmet while skiing or snowboarding reduces the risk of a severe head injury by 60%. Approximately 66% of the skiers who suffered an injury believe that their helmet prevented them getting a more serious injury.


Winter sports enthusiasts who do not wear helmets have several excuses, rightly or wrongly, to any ski wear helmet. The most common excuses are that the helmet is uncomfortable and causes reduced vision. Some people also think that helmets are too expensive and dislike the way they look.

Especially beginners who are going down the easy blue slopes do not think there is a big risk to get the head injured, but researchers found out that the beginner groups were actually at greatest risk of suffering an injury.

Ski helmets are safe and are made of high-quality material to protect the skiers and snowboarders against knocks and sharp objects. If you have a serious accident, then you should replace your helmet.

Choose The Right Ski Helmet

To find the right size helmet, you should measure your head, by wrapping a measuring tape around your head, just above your eyebrows, and see where the tape overlaps.

If your head is between 52 and 55 centimeters, then you should buy a Small helmet, 55 to 59 cm is a medium-sized helmet and 59 to 62 centimeters is Large. If possible, try on a ski helmet at your local ski- or snowboard shop. Also make sure that the helmet is ASTM (United States) or CE EN (Europe) certified.

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