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Buying the best baseball cleats

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Baseball cleats are available in various models, brands and with various soles. What should you pay attention to when purchasing the best baseball cleats?

Synthetic leather or natural leather

Baseball cleats can be divided into two groups: cletas made of genuine leather and synthetic leather shoes. Cleats from genuine leather are more durable, breathe better and are more supple. Synthetic leather generally gives more support to the feet and synthetic leather baseball cleats are also cheaper than the genuine leather version. It also depends on your budget, which is the best shoe for you.

Baseball cleats styles

On what surface do you play? It makes a difference to the choice of the right shoes whether you play a lot on grass or on an artificial surface.

Molded baseball cleats

Modlded cleats are the safest option for kids and new baseball players. These shoes use rubber spikes.

Turf shoes

These shoes are the best option for your practice sessions. The turf shoes provide a good level of grip on any surface.

Metal baseball cleats

Do you play a lot on grass and dirt? Then metal cleats are certainly the best option. These shoes have sharp and thin spikes and give you the best traction.

Infielders and Outfielders

For infielders and outfielders, metal cleats are recommended, although that depends also on the type of surface you play on.

Low, Mid and High Tops

Do your ankles need a lot of support, for example to prevent ankle injuries? Then you should definitely go for high tops. They limit the movement of your ankle somewhat, but of all types of baseball cleats they provide the most support and stability to your ankle.

If you do not need the ankle support and especially speed is important to you, then a pair of low tops is the best baseball cleat for you. You do not feel any restriction of the shoe and therefore you can run from base to base as quickly as possible.

There is also an intermediate form, the mid tops. They still give moderate support to the ankle, but the restriction in movement provided by these type of shoes is less than with the high tops.

Your personal preference and the strength of your ankle determine what is the best option for you. Because of the movements that pitchers make, it is recommended that they wear low tops.

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